Artist has given up…

The artist has given up on this project, but I have not.  Work will continue and I will redouble my efforts on this game.

I made the mistake of showing him the prototype too early. The prototype was already an addicting game. I had and still have some grand plans for the game. Including unlimited level generation, levels with thousands of branching stages, lives, continues, checkpoints,    power-ups, ghost replays, and live multiplayer.

The artist wanted to take an good prototype and make it into a great flash game, but not as replayable, addictive, deep, or social network friendly, as I want to, which will turn a good prototype into an amazing game.

This is probably for the best anyways, as I was wasting too much time trying to convince him that features are a good idea and people like games with features like multiplayer and deep gameplay via a simple interface.

2 thoughts on “Artist has given up…

    • He didn’t really have much done anyways. The only thing in the current game is the unanimated player, the and the title screen. Everything else is my own. I can polish that up and make it look cool in a neo-retro way.

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