Just set up the site and blog.

Expect updates at least daily for the next two weeks until the game launches.

You can play the game right now on the home page, just scroll down and start playing.

I just added the Cave Bound logo into the game, it fits nicely, but the angle might have to be redone. I am not sure.

There are also many subtler changes to the gameplay:

  • Gravity has been lowered slightly
  • Real in speed has been lowered slightly
  • New Cave floor and ceiling graphics, with more to come.
  • Rope graphic updated
  • Rope graphic made smaller
  • Player made smaller
  • Level generation has been made less intense on the begining of each level
  • Level generation gets more intense more quickly
  • Hit detection has been vastly improved with player vs caveĀ 
  • Air Friction has been tweaked
  • Gems have been added(still kind of glitchy)

That is all for now. I will hopefully do another update before I log off tonight.

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